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Watchmaker since 2015

For a good portion of my youth, I didn't have much direction When I discovered that watchmaking was a thing that people did, I knew that's what I wanted to do. 


From playing with Lego, to doing my own bicycle and car maintenance, to learning about mechanical advantage systems in my rock climbing and rescue work, it seemed that all of my disparate interests combined in just the right way to make me perfectly suited to become a watchmaker.

Working Life

Graduating from the Watch Technology Institute in Seattle Washington in 2015 and receiving his SAWTA certification, Andy was immediately hired by a large local jeweler, where he continues to work to this day. During his time there, he has earned several additional accreditations including Panerai Level 30, Breitling ES, and IWC Level 30.

His two biggest talents are his ability to learn new movements and mechanisms quickly, and his ability to mentally work through issues that others struggle to diagnose. He refers to this as his "Mechanical Intuition," and it often seems that he only needs to look at a mechanism, or diagram thereof, in order to thoroughly understand how it works.

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